Vocational Rehabilitation
Vocational rehabilitation is a service designed to assist the injured individual in returning to productivity within his physical capabilities and vocational skill level, while concurrently demonstrating access to the labor market and residual employability.

Vocational Assessment
The initial vocational assessment report includes a thorough medical, financial, social, educational and vocational assessment of the client's present status. This report should be performed after the initial personal interview with the client.

Labor Market Survey
A labor market survey can be initiated on behalf of the client to identify currently available employment options within his vocational skill level and physical capabilities.

Transferable Skills Analysis
When the client's past employment was semi-skilled or skilled (as defined by the Department of Labor) the individual may possess transferable skills that can enable him or her to perform alternative work within the individual's physical capabilities.

Job Analysis
Once an employer is identified, a job analysis can be conducted to determine the compatibility of the worker's traits with the factors involved in the particular job.

Work Site Analysis
This analysis will assist in determining if the work site is within the injured individual's work restrictions or if modifications are needed to accommodate any limitations.