CasePro National Case Management Network
CasePro is a successful regional sized company with two fully staffed offices in Texas and Colorado, extending services to the surrounding states of Arizona, Idaho, Oklahoma, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. As CasePro continues its expansion to offer services in more states, we will call upon our National Network to provide services across the nation to meet all our customers' needs.

CasePro has developed a national member network of regional case management companies who have been contracted to offer case management services on a national scope. This network is equipped to provide the much-desired entrepreneurial type of service employers and claims specialists are seeking.

The CasePro Case Management National Member Network is the answer to the needs of self-insured employers, claims professionals and insurance carriers who have facilities in various locations throughout the United States. Employers and claims specialists no longer need to rely on national companies who provide a wide array of services without the focus needed for effective medical and vocational case management.

The CasePro Network focuses on one area of expertise and in doing so provides effective and meaningful communication to employers and claims specialists, which is paramount to the success of managing medical claims. Case management is a key element of early return to work and should be handled by those who are best qualified to do the job.

Medical Bill Review
CasePro can maximize our clients' investment through greatly increased savings on every medical bill. The benefits are dramatic. CasePro can provide short-term help to handle a backlog of bills or a complete turnkey solution for medical bill review. Our experienced staff are skilled at reviewing even the most complex bills to provide you with prompt service, accurate results and maximum savings on every bill. Whatever your situation, CasePro is the right solution for your medical bill review needs.

CasePro can provide professional service custom-tailored for your workers' compensation and auto personal injury bill review needs. You can be confident that our bill review team will provide fast, accurate and appropriate decisions with maximum possible savings on each bill reviewed. Our staff carefully screens bills for excessive charges, over-utilization, unnecessary services and a wide range of questionable billing practices within 72 hours of receiving your bills.

Advantages include:
  • Complete bill review services for maximum claims cost savings
  • Specialized complex bill review and re-evaluation services
  • Extensive EDI capabilities
  • Advanced high-speed scanning and OCR capabilities
  • Optional on-site medical bill review and outsourced services
  • Access to national and regional PPO organizations
  • Complete TCM, FCM and UR capabilities
Medicare Set-Aside (MSA)
Completing a MSA allocation is a detailed process that requires the right tools. CasePro's professionals are highly skilled, and have the knowledge and experience needed in the allocation process.

MSA allocation is an agreement that takes place at claim settlement between settling parties. It prevents the shifting of burden for future injury-related medical expenses from the carrier to Medicare. It is important to protect Medicare's interests. CasePro can assist in adhering to the program requirements and avoid the negative consequences that could be assessed against the responsible party(s), including the insurance company, attorney and even the claimant.

Medical records are reviewed and a determination is made as to what the future medical needs related to the injury are, and whether they are covered by Medicare. Using the information gathered, an amount for the set-aside is determined.

CasePro Benefits include:
  • Comprehensive review of medical records
  • Comprehensive review of medical records
  • Medical payment history is reviewed
  • Physician recommendations are determined
  • Pertinent standards of care are reviewed
  • Allocation amount is established

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